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When vacation dreams end in customs

Jul 10, 14 • Customs LawNo Comments

For decades, traveling has been Germany’s favorite pastime. But is customs law also a favorite German hobby?

Only a small amount of travelers is familiar with terms such as “Customs Code”. Issues relating to customs law are resolved by information brochures provided by airlines on planes and by the sense of security of many travellers.

When it comes to going through the “green channel” at the airport, though, a lot of passengers are surprised by the subtleties of this field of law. A lot of the pitfalls can be avoided by preparing in advance. Customs officials use even supposedly simple circumstances as a reason to “take a closer look,” which regularly ends in a shock for those involved.

Non-transparent regulations

Many tourists are doubtful about terms such as transaction value, fair value, work equipment, and returned goods – they are normally more interested in getting home.

If there is even a threat of confiscation and the initiation of criminal tax proceedings by the tax official, the vacation dream really comes to an end. The consequences of proceedings of this kind result even in existential questions, whether of an economic or professional nature.

In addition, some travelers are the victims of fraudulent promises in their destination country. Recently, investigations have been initiated for criminal tax proceedings against around 20,000 tourists. They had imported jewelry and gold from Turkey or Abu Dhabi to Germany, without obtaining customs clearance.

Are you affected by a criminal tax proceeding or a customs issue?

Attorney Dirk Pohl is your experienced contact person for all customs matters. He will look for individual solution options for you in order to bring about a quick, discreet, and cost-effective conclusion to the proceedings.

You can find further information on German tax law and tax fraud issues HERE.

Bartosz Dzionsko

Bartosz Dzionsko is a German attorney at law at WINHELLER headquarters in Frankfurt/Main. He specializes in German tax law, criminal tax law, money laundering and German customs law.

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