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6 Reasons Why You Should Digitize Your Business Now

May 27, 20 • IT LawNo Comments

6 Reasons Why You Should Digitize Your Business NowWe can control our stove via app, maintain our contacts around the globe with social networks and book our holidays with our smartphone – our private life is highly digitalized in many areas. In recent years, the world of work has also been increasingly focusing on the digitalization of its processes. We would like to give entrepreneurs who are skeptical about this development six reasons why they should enter the age of digitalization right now.

1. Competitiveness

Competitiveness is no longer determined by size, but by speed. Whoever misses trends, takes away the opportunity to be able to survive in competition in the long run. However, those who digitalize their work processes and train their employees to do so can react flexibly and, above all, quickly to market developments.

Automating processes and mobilizing employees is the motto for ensuring long-term competitiveness and profitability. Especially during the Corona crisis, the economic recession offers the opportunity to change processes without having to fear that the competition could exploit the time of their own digitalization as a weak phase in the market.

2. Cost saving

Whether shorter ordering times or faster production – anyone who digitizes processes saves time and it is well known that time is worth money. The acceleration of processes eliminates numerous sources of error, and if any do occur, they can usually be eliminated quickly. All this leads to an increase in productivity. Anyone who reduces internal costs can focus on increasing quality for the customer. The costs for the entrepreneur decrease, the quality for the customer increases – a classic win-win situation.

3. More customer and employee satisfaction

As more and more people spend a large part of their daily lives in apps and on the internet, they also expect to be able to get in touch with companies in this way. Customers want as much access as possible to all information relevant to them. Companies that manage their processes digitally and are able to provide customers with transparency with just a few clicks, be it via e-files or online accounts, can consider themselves lucky. Gone are the days when mountains of paper had to be laboriously passed through scanners.

In addition, digitalized processes with individual and customized applications for employees are also well received in working life. The tools can provide employees with easy-to-use and time-saving helpers – for most people with a digitalized private life, they are quick and easy to learn.

4. Process optimization

Those who do not digitize their company will nevertheless often be confronted with digital media from customers, suppliers or other partners. The balancing act between one’s own analog approach and the digitized processes of the outside world will become increasingly difficult. In this balancing act, not only enormous amounts of time are often lost, but also a great deal of information, if it was recorded at all.
By switching from analog to digital in areas that have to perform the balancing act between the analog and the digitized world very often, this loss of information can be systematically stopped. At the same time, by transforming the entire process to a medium, the data is directly available to employees in the right form.

Even when employees change jobs, the transfer of jobs in a digitized work environment is much smoother. Once the knowledge in the heads of long-standing employees has been digitally recorded for the successors, the loss of specialists or documents no longer necessarily leads to acute heart palpitations on the part of the management. After all, those who have the most important processes on digital feet can quickly cope with staff absences and return to their core tasks.

5. Software solutions for every need

In the past, expensive purchases of programs and high licensing costs made entrepreneurs turn their backs on digitization, but today the world is a different place. For a long time now, software solutions have no longer had to be ordered individually from large programming companies for a lot of money, and in some cases they have had to wait years for delivery. Cloud software, frameworks or even inexpensive licensing models offer companies numerous affordable alternatives. This means that even small companies can find the right software for themselves and take the necessary step towards digitalization without having to go into debt for years.

6. Home office against loss of work

These past few weeks in particular have shown how important home offices and the ability to quickly switch to them can be for entrepreneurs. But this is only possible if all the processes required for working from home are also digitalized. Entrepreneurs who have dealt with digital alternatives at an early stage and provided comprehensive training for employees are now happy. Thanks to the increased flexibility of the workplace, home offices can also be used to deal with absences of employees who, for example, have to look after their sick children. However, it is not only employees who appreciate flexible work options – customers also appreciate the use of digital means as a sign of modernity and economy.

Our attorneys for IT law support entrepreneurs in digitalization

It turns out that there are enough arguments in favor of digitization. We will be happy to help you find suitable solutions and advise you comprehensively on the legal issues involved in the digitization of your company! Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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